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10 Hydroponic Books You Should Read Right Now

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

hydroponics system

When it comes to agriculture, you can learn a lot of valuable information from hydroponic books. Books are a fantastic tool to provide you with information from trustworthy, credible sources if you don’t have someone you can learn from in person. However, if you can become an apprentice to learn about hydroponics, always take those hands-on learning opportunities as well. This article will talk about which hydroponic books you should be reading right now whether you’re a beginner or an advanced grower.

List of Hydroponic Books To Read

The following list of hydroponic books have been written by reliable sources with the credentials and knowledge to provide you with the tools to learn about hydroponics.

  • This book is written by one of the pioneers of hydroponics and it covers detailed explanations of how to set up and run hydroponic systems.

  • This book is jam-packed with a plethora of information to help you learn how to start and run your hydroponic system for a home food garden.

  • This book covers how to start small, at-home hydroponics systems.

  • This is a great book that tells readers about the average hobby hydroponic units that can be purchased. It also covers various crops, seeds, and best growing environments.

  • This book focuses on how to specifically grow strawberries.

hydroponic strawberries
  • This is a guide that covers how to produce, harvest, and market capsicums and peppers.

  • This book focuses on how to hydroponically grow lettuce.

  • This book specifically focuses on hydroponically grown tomatoes.

  • This is a great book for beginners that covers everything there is to know about hydroponics and gets straight to the details.

  • This book covers hydroponics and aeroponics equipment and covers the basics to help you start your garden.

home hydroponic system

Other Great Agriculture Books to Read

If you’re not just solely looking for hydroponic books but want to understand agriculture on a deeper level, then check out these reads as well.

  • This magazine covers everything from farm life to draft animals and is a great resource to understanding everything about farming.

  • This book should be read by anyone who wants to grow vegetables and it also contains an annotated bibliography that will provide you with in-depth research materials.

  • This book covers the paradox of food choices and how the industrial revolution has played a big part in revolutionizing the way we eat and see food today.

hydroponic foods

Remember when purchasing hydroponic books it’s best to buy local! See what your local gardening stories have for sale and support small businesses; doing this also reduces our carbon footprint. If you’re looking for other ways to learn more about hydroponics, then subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel for weekly updates!

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