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Welcome to the Nick Greens Grow Team

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

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Welcome to the Nick Greens Grow Team website. We are expert consultants in controlled environment agriculture with 20+ years of indoor and greenhouse growing experience. Our expert services span the full spectrum of controlled environment agriculture.


Looking to get into microgreens? Want to convert from Aquaponics? Or are you simply looking for some growing advice? Our experienced grow team can assist with many new initiatives at your farm. We are good listeners with years of experience.

Site Assessment

An on site visit accompanied by a written report detailing a top to bottom review of your operation.

Veganic Growing

Afraid of organic certification? Try growing Veganically and get the same benefits. Over the past ten years, our grow team has perfected the recipe for growing this way indoors.

Crop Recipes

A good crop yield requires the correct lighting, substrate, seed density, nutrients, and environment. We have successful recipes for many different kinds of crops based on years of trial and error.

System Design

Our grow team has designed a wide range of indoor grow operations with a variety of technologies. Before you make a major investment in infrastructure, let us be your “second set of eyes”, and help you realize the best results. Starting from scratch? Get us involved early to help you create a design that will avoid many of the common mistakes we’ve seen at indoor farms over the past decade.

Construction Services

Sometimes you need outside help. Our grow team has been building indoor farms and greenhouses since 2004. As either a general contractor, an Owner’s Representative or simply a Site supervisor, we can save you money on the total build-out through value engineering and simple know-how.

Feasibility Studies

We can review your business plan and provide valuable feedback and direction as you begin to raise money or apply for licensing. We will stress test your assumptions and compare with actual industry standards including labor, real estate, and construction costs.

We look forward to working with you...let's grow together!!

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