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How to grow micro basil in six easy steps

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

micro basil microgreens

Since 2012, our grow team has cultivated and sold over 100,000 lbs of mature sweet basil (genovese) with some of the largest leaves you will ever see. And although we believe large leaf is the best way to enjoy this awesome herb, we understand the restaurant market is demanding micro basil, and more importantly, willing to pay a fair price.

Here is our recipe:

1. Grab a 10X20 tray with drainage holes and fill it 1" thick with moist coco coir.

2. Weigh 8 grams of Genovese Basil Seeds into seed shaker, then broadcast evenly across the 10X20 tray.

3. Apply an even mist of water to the tray, then cover it with a humidity dome, black 10x20 tray or place it in a dark space.

4. Germinate for three days in a location with at least 80% humidity. Water as described in step three at least once a day.

5. Uncover your tray on day four. Then begin feeding plants your favorite fertilizer using a low flood/continuous flow method of irrigation.

6. Micro Basil will be ready for harvest around 14 days, They will need about 12 to 16 hours of light with a typical fluorescent grow light about 15" from the base of the plant.

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