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Questions from our readers - Volume 1

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

1) How does a simple grower measure humidity?

The best way to measure humidity is to buy a temperature and humidity meter.

2) How do I spot nutrient deficiency?

Knowing the characteristics of the plant when healthy is the best way to identify symptoms of deficiency. Identify where symptoms are appearing (new leaves, old leaves, edge of leaf, veins etc.) Compare and match symptoms to a Plant Deficiency Chart.

3) How do I know when my plants are getting too much light?

Most problems with plants are typically due to nutrient deficiency rather than too much light. But, if you see these deficiencies together: wilting, yellowing, uneven-growth, scorching and a nutty smokey smell, you may want to use a light meter

to measure plant light exposure.

4) Can I grow my plants on regular paper towels?

Yes, paper towels are a medium that can be used to grow wheatgrass and microgreens. They can also be used to germinate seeds.

5) Where do I buy high quality seeds for a reasonable price?

Buying the lowest price seeds is not always the best way to go since quality can vary widely. Over the past 10 years, we have been purchasing Todd's Seeds when buying in bulk. Great quality at a good price.

6) When should I grow wild flowers from seed?

Spring, summer and fall are all wildflowers planting times.

7) What kind of set up should I order to automatically water my grow beds?

The best way to automate the watering process is to use a programmable timer and a soaker hose.

8) Who should I contact when I have any other questions?

Feel free to contact our Grow Team!

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