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The Secret Sauce for growing food indoors

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

We learned about terreplenish® in 2014 after searching for a better organic nutrient mix and have been growing with it ever since. Visually the plants looked better, more virile. And after several trials, we measured a consistent increase in our yield. But what was behind these beneficial microbes? After some research, we were surprised to find out terreplenish® is made right here in Illinois, and even more surprised to learn it is composed of 100% recycled food waste, such as corn, carrots, peas, etc. After using it across several trials, we definitely noticed the difference - larger, healthier looking plants, and greater yield. As a result, we now use it on all of our crops including lettuce, basil, and microgreens.

Benefits and Results:

  • Increases plant health & resistance The proprietary blend of bacteria eats the available food sources, crowding out mold and pathogens. At the end of the cycle we had a 20% increase in the yield.

  • Zero hour re-entry & Zero day harvest interval No need to worry about using this product the day before harvest or on the day of harvest. It's food safe!

  • Speeds maturity in a beneficial way By day 9 the plants we treated with terreplenish® were significantly bigger then the rest of the plants in the crop.

  • Increases microbe population When using this product hydroponically it helped produce metabolites that restored microbiology in the nutrient water.

  • Accelerates nutrient uptake Compared to the rest of the plants in the crop, by day 21 the plants we treated with terreplenish® were intaking more nitrogen from the atmosphere and uptaking more nutrient water without leaching nitrogen from the water. This reduces the need for adding nitrogen to the nutrient water.

  • Activates compost We saw the older roots break down faster, which helped the plants focus on the growth of newer roots.

Terreplenish® contains beneficial microorganisms, nitrogen fixing bacteria, and amino acids that increase plant health and reduce irrigation demands. It is packed with trace minerals, but more importantly, we saw it consume plant enzymes using microbes and affect the potency of the secondary metabolites that are responsible for blocking air borne pathogens. Plant enzymes include growth hormones that are only available from plant-based feed stocks. Approved for organic crop production without restrictions, this product is 100% natural, contains no synthetic chemicals, and leaves zero residue.

Materials needed:

spray bottle

16 oz bottle of terreplenish®


1) Pour a cap full of terreplenish® in spray bottle.

2) Fill spray bottle with filter water.

3) Shake spray bottle.

4) Ready to use.

5) Spray Day 1, repeat Day 3.

*We recommend this process during germination stage only.

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