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How to grow popcorn shoots without grow lights

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We have been growing these shoots for over 11 yrs. and when people try them we notice they are excited and pleased with the color and the sweet taste of popcorn. No salt is required for these popcorn shoots.

Materials needed:

1 - 10x20 piece of burlap

1 - 10 gal black trash bag

1 - pair of scissors

6-8 oz - popcorn seeds

Growing Processes:

1) Nest the 10x20 tray with holes inside of the 10x20 tray without holes.

2) Soak 10x20 piece of burlap in filtered water for 10 minutes.

3) Weight out 6-8 oz of popcorn seeds.

4) Soak your popcorn seeds for 3 hours in filtered or tap water.

5) Place the 10x20 piece of burlap inside the nested tray and flatten down gentle

with hands.

6) Evenly spread out soaking seeds on burlap with hands.

7) Measure a 1/8 cap full of Terreplenish into a spray bottle, then fill up the spray with

filter bottle water or tap water and shake bottle before use.

8) Spray popcorn seeds till evenly damped.

9) Place the nested tray with the seeds in a 10 gal black trash bag and tie closed,

making sure to leave some air in the bag.

10) Find a safe location for your seeds to germinate for the next two days.

11) Day 3 and Day 6 repeat step 6.

12) Days 8-10 the popcorn shoots are ready to harvest.

13) Place the tray on a table and harvest by hand with a pair of scissors.

14) Enjoy your sweet popcorn shoots

Disclaimer: These shoots are perfect for mixes but have a shorter shelve life then other shoots and microgreens.

Please keep popcorn shoots in the dark after harvest.

Nick Greens

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