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Facts about the microgreens grow system

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

microgreens grow system

How’d you like to learn facts about an microgreens grow system built out of plastic and metal, it runs on a  couple of small water pumps and a timer.

The microgreens grow system utilizing complete bio-hydroponic nutrients, plant based growing media, and virtually no pest control(10 day growth cycles eliminate most pest problems). The system is comprised of PVC grow ‘channels’ arranged on steel frame or ‘rack’. Each shelf is four or five channels wide by eight channels high. This vertical, stacked system makes the most efficient use of your indoor space, increasing your production capacity over traditional microgreens, growers using soil filled trays on benches.

Microgreens are grown on a plant based mat  to hold the seeds in place and keep them from washing away before they germinate. Made of all natural untreated materials, the mat is placed inside the channel, acting as a root anchor for the plants while distributing the nutrient solution evenly to the plants and retaining the moisture between

feeding cycles.

NFT microgreens system

The feeding is accomplished through a plumbing system of feed lines and pvc running from the nutrient tank up to each channel to the microgreens. Micro valves(4) are located at each channel so that flow can be adjusted and feeding can be adjusted at the front of each channel. The nutrient solution drains via gravity from the top feed end of the channel down to the bottom drain end of the channel, then is recirculated back to the nutrient tank, creating a closed system. This reduces waste and keeps the environment unadulterated from runoff. The nutrient tank is emptied 4 times a year for cleaning and remixing fresh nutrients. The nutrient levels are maintained by the grower between cleanings by adding water, nutrient and pH adjustment materials to the tank as needed. More details on this process are going to be discussed in later post.

humus soil

Traditional microgreens growers using soil filled trays harvest their crops by hand using scissors to manually cut a handful at a time. They then place the harvested greens into a tub, rinse away the excess dirt or other grow media (perlite or peat), and finally dry the microgreens. This method is incredibly laborious.

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