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Meters every grower should own

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Everyone agrees that growing your food is good. It boosts your health, brightens your day, calms your mind, and allows you to do more with your life. These are the meters every grower should own and use inside a grow room.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The Milwaukee MW600 is a portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter for educational, aquaculture, water analysis, and environmental analysis applications, with an LCD screen and polarographic probe with 3m cable and screw-on cap membrane. The meter has two-point manual calibration and automatic temperature compensation from 0 to 30°C. It runs on one 9V alkaline battery (included). DO meters are commonly used in water-quality testing applications.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) meters measure the amount of dissolved oxygen present in water. The amount of DO helps to determine, for example, drinking water quality, the health of lakes or streams, and aquatic organism sustainability. A probe, also called a sensor or electrode, is inserted into the sample to perform the measurement, and the results appear on the meter display. Applications include sewage and water treatment plants, pollution control, fish farms, and various types of manufacturing.

doser system

Dosing Kit

The dosing kit can control the pH of your tank/reservoir automatically! The MC122 pH controller and dosing pump (MP810). It provides fully automated pH control of aqueous solutions in hydroponic systems. It has been specifically designed to control the pH in mixing tanks for fertilization. The small and precise flow of the peristaltic pump allows you to maintain ideal pH values in your tank. After selecting the desired pH setting from 5.5 to 9.5 pH, the pH controller measures the pH value of the solution and automatically adds pH adjustment (acid or alkaline) to change the liquid's pH to the selected level.

pH meter

Waterproof Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter

Slim, lightweight, and waterproof portable meter that measures pH, conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature with a single amplified probe. Displayed with a 0.01 resolution and an accuracy of +/-0.05 pH while the EC and TDS readings are displayed with a 0.01 mS/cm and 10 ppm (mg/L) resolution and 2% full scale accuracy.


Pocket Colorimeter Nitrogen/Nitrate Meter

The new Pocket Colorimeter™ II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument. It's lightweight and battery operated, suitable for extended field work or quick, on-the-spot process monitoring. The instrument has two channels in which measurements can be made.Each channel will accept a user-defined calibration curve. Up to 10 standards can be used to determine the calibration. The curve is generated by a point-to-point straight line segment between each standard used. Linear and non-linear positive or negative slope calibrations can be performed. A calibration curve may also be manually entered from the keypad if a previously determined curve has been made on the Colorimeter. At least two data pairs (concentration and absorbance) are required.

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