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Microgreens with mega nutrients

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Next time you're at the grocery aisle, you might want to think about what microgreens you'll want to take home with you. Or you're going to begin growing your own microgreens and want to know which direction to take. Either way, we promise not to leave you hanging. Here are 6 microgreens that have a bunch of nutrients in them.



This microgreen contains glucosinolates (GSLs), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and phenols that are believed to help fend off toxins and stave off environmental stress, says Monique Richard, RD, an adjunct professor of nutrition at East Tennessee State University. “Adding the peppery spice of arugula to sandwiches, salads, smoothies or as a colorful and edible garnish can be tasty and beneficial to your health,” she says.


The shoots of this tasty herb, that’s perfect in pastas or salads, have plenty of health benefits. “Basil is rich in polyphenols that drive gut health and general good health by reducing oxidation and inflammation,” says Barry Sears, Ph.D., a leading research scientist in the field of inflammation.


Considered the new superfood, kale is known to be a vitamin C powerhouse. “If massaged with some tahini, lemon juice, dried fruit, apple cider vinegar and apples, it can be a satisfying lunch and the bitterness will subside,” Richard says.

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Sunflower shoots

Known for providing essential amino acids, crunchy sprouted sunflower greens contain high levels of folate, B complex vitamins and vitamins C, E and selenium. When using them in a salad, pair them with a creamy vinaigrette.


With their signature peppery taste, radish microgreens contain beneficial amounts of folate and B6 and make a delightful finisher to a salad composed of watermelon and avocado.


These shoots offer endless healthy benefits. “Chia are an ideal addition to your diet thanks to their healthy unsaturated fats, fiber and satiety from the protein,” Richard says.

These microgreens are worth the time. We promise not to let you astray!

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