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Buying seed for microgreens

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Microgreens have been gaining popularity among health-conscious people looking to add more nutrition to their diets. Radish microgreens are loaded with vitamins, and research suggests that these super-nutritious microgreens may be even more effective at preventing cancer than mature broccoli or kale. Here's the full scoop on where to buy microgreens seeds, plus a seed density chart providing an overview on 30 varieties of microgreens:


  • Easy and fast crop to grow.

  • Germinates in just 1 day, though some cultivars take 2 days.

  • Direct sunlight is needed for the leaves to fully shuck off the hulls; however, the hulls are soft enough to eat, so don’t be too concerned about either the full sun or the hulls.

sunflower seeds

organic sunflower seeds
  • Soak sunflower seeds for 8 to 12 hours to hasten germination.

  • Sprouting in a jar or 5 gallon bucket before sowing is recommended to further soften the shells.

broccoli seeds

  • One of the easiest to grow.

  • It can get woody if allowed to grow to true leaf stage.

  • Cut high on the stem to keep a balanced ratio of leaf to stem.

  • Broccoli microgreens are only slightly more savory than the florets of fully mature raw broccoli.

  • While all Brassica microgreens contain very high levels of cancer-fighting phyto-nutrients, broccoli contains the most.

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