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Fertilizer Injectors: Tips for Greenhouse Growing Cleaning Maintenance

Fertilizer injectors are devices that help make greenhouse growing easy by doing the work for you to ensure your plants get all of the nutrients or pesticides they need. However, it’s critical for farmers to ensure that they maintain their fertilizer injectors or else it can lead to inaccurate injections for your plants. If this happens, it can lead to lower quality in your plant life. This article will discuss a few ways you can uphold fertilizer injector maintenance with greenhouse growing.

Determine when is the best time to perform fertilizer injector maintenance

Most growers will schedule their fertilizer injector maintenance closer to the end of a growing season. This is usually the best time to perform maintenance because it’ll happen more frequently and will ensure top quality of life for your plants. You should also make sure to date when you replace the seal on your fertilizer injectors so you can know when to replace them again if you don’t decide to do maintenance at the end of every season.

Clean your fertilizer injectors

When it’s time for maintenance, make sure to deeply clean your fertilizer injectors because there could be a buildup of debris or algae. Before putting on new parts or seals for your injectors, make sure to soak the injectors in a solution that will clean it from any excess buildup, so it’ll be good for use afterwards. Check with the injector’s manufacturer to see if they have any specific recommendations on how to clean their product.

Check on your pre-filters

Many growers throw out their pre-filters for their injectors because they get clogged up or messy. However, the pre-filters protect your injectors from unwanted debris. When it comes time for maintenance, make sure to soak your pre-filter with your injector parts and it will clean up any excess debris.

Use an EC and calibrator

An EC and calibrator tells you how much fertilizer is being injected in your plants. Make sure to use this often (around once a week), so you can get better insight into how much fertilizer is being injected in your greenhouse growing plant systems. If your injector is consistently getting off ratings, then it could be a sign that your seal needs to be replaced. If you don’t use an EC calibrator, then you can expect to change your seal around once a year.

Keep track of how old your fertilizer injectors are

Fertilizer injectors can last up to ten years as long as you provide consistent maintenance. Make sure to keep track of their years of usage so you can know when to start using new fertilizer injectors around the 7-to-10-year mark. This way you can ensure that your greenhouse growing systems are always getting the correct amount of fertilizer needed for quality plant life.

Fertilizer injector maintenance is easy to keep track of as long as you pay attention to your injectors and do consistent cleanings. If you want to learn more about greenhouse growing or innovative farming methods, subscribe to our weekly blog articles. You can also sign up for our weekly microgreens class or listen to our new podcast called Polygreens where Joe Swartz from AmHydro and Nick Greens bring agriculture and technology together in educational episodes.

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