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Greenhouse Beginner Guide: How to Start Your First Greenhouse

If you’re a beginner at greenhouse growing, you may be wondering how to begin a successful growing operation. Greenhouses are typically wooden or metal structures used to grow a variety of plants through their access to natural sunlight. Because the plants are enclosed in a space, they are less likely to be affected by natural disasters or seasonal issues. Greenhouse growing is a popular method for gardeners of all backgrounds; however, before beginning, you need to know a variety of information to ensure you are set up for success. Whether you’re wondering about harvesting or setting up your first greenhouse, this greenhouse beginner guide is the perfect place to start your newfound adventure.

Step 1: Choose your desired greenhouse structure

Greenhouses typically come in two different structures: freestanding and leaning structures. Freestanding structures are placed in your backyard or any available space that stands on its own. Leaning structures have three walls and are attached to another unit such as your home, garage, or any building. Freestanding structures require more space compared to learning structures so it is imperative to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Step 2: Perform research on greenhouse needs

Depending on where you live determines what kind of additional tools you will need. If you live in an area that doesn’t produce the temperature needed to grow your desired plants, you will need to invest in heating systems or fans to help the greenhouse reach desired temperatures. Or, if your structure doesn’t have access to an abundance of light, then growing lights such as UV lights would be a wonderful addition to your greenhouse.

Step 3: Check greenhouse air circulation

All plants you grow are going to require supple amounts of oxygen to grow successfully. If your greenhouse doesn’t have a good source of air circulation, you will need to invest in fan units to help airflow throughout the greenhouse. Ensuring your plants have the correct levels of oxygen thrive and grow without issues.

Step 4: Ensure there’s enough shade

When plants are exposed to harsh amounts of sunlight through many hours of the day, they can dry out and burn from overexposure. Many gardeners will install shading sheets, which is a dark material that rolls down the windows like window shades, to block out the excess sunlight. If able, you can also place the greenhouse near trees to ensure the plants get shade throughout the day.

Step 5: Choose your seeds

The most critical decision for beginner greenhouse growers to ask is what kind of seeds to choose. Some seeds are easier to grow than others so you will need to choose an easy seed to ensure you can get a better handle on the process and what it entails. Here is a list of the best plants/seeds for beginners to start growing in their greenhouses:

Greenhouses for beginner growing can seem challenging at first; however, it is very easy to pick up and adapt to as you gain more experience. We hope this greenhouse beginner guide is helpful for you and your future greenhouse growing ventures. If you want to learn more about greenhouse growing or microgreens, sign up for our Facebook microgreens group or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We also have a podcast titled Polygreens where we cover all there is to know about growing food indoors. Sign up for our podcast today!

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