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Growing Microgreens for Profit: Is It a Good Idea for a New Business?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Microgreens are growing in popularity because of their unbeatable health benefits and nutrition-packed capabilities. As a grower, you may be wondering if growing microgreens for profit is possible or a waste of time. While starting any new business comes with a risk, there is no doubt that the time to start a microgreens business is now.

In this article, we’ll cover what you can expect when starting a microgreens business and how to be successful in your expenditure.

The Benefits of Growing Microgreens for Profit

We’re going to breakdown the main reasons why anyone can and should start growing microgreens for profit below:

- It’s Cost-Effective. The initial investment for growing microgreens is so low that growers can expect to spend maybe $100 for the beginner materials: trays, seeds, lights, and soil. The investment also depends on how large scale you want the operation to be. If you’re planning to sell to restaurants in your area, you may need to put more upfront to ensure you maintain stock.

- Microgreen Systems Scale Easily. If you have an extra room in your house, you can dedicate yourself to growing microgreens and use a vertical setup to maximize as much space as possible. As long as you have space, you can set up and expand your growing system anywhere to grow vertically or horizontally.

- You Can Reuse Equipment. The reason a microgreens business can be profitable is because once you purchase the essential items you typically do not have to purchase them again. Instead, just have to refill on seeds and soil here and there. Since you can reuse equipment such as trays, lights, and fans, it’s easier to make a profit once you start selling.

- Money comes quickly. Microgreens are known for being able to grow extremely fast usually within two weeks. Meaning when it’s time to harvest, you can sell your yield and start the process over again two weeks at a time.

How Much Should You Charge for Your Microgreens?

Pricing your microgreens correctly is the best way to ensure buyers will want to do business with you. It’s important to research the competition. If you’re a smaller scale microgreens business, you may want to charge more, but a larger business can outbid you because they have more volume.

Many sellers can get away with charging $25 per pound, but that can change depending on the local market. Do your research and see what others are offering potential buyers. Come up with a price that works best for you and your clients.

Should I Grow Microgreens for Profit?

If you have the space and funds to start a microgreens business, you should! It’s an easy way to start a business and make money. If you end up incredibly successful, you can easily expand your growing systems to accommodate more customers.

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