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Horticulture Specialist Joins the Nick Greens Grow Team

We are very pleased to announce horticulture specialist, Jake Emling will be joining us at the Nick Greens Grow Team. It is our mission to help farmers at any level learn about the future of farming through new, exciting methods. As we continue to grow our team, we will be able to continue to enrich the lives and minds of those we serve. In our next section, we’ll tell you a little bit more about Emling so you can get to know him and his expertise and better understand why we’re so excited to have him on our team!

A Little About Jake Emling:

Jake Emling started his career in horticulture after attending Michigan State University for both his undergraduate and graduate degree. Through his experience, he has learned a variety of specialties in the field, including food production, entomology, and viticulture. He’s had the opportunity to work with reputable institutions such as Michigan State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as a multitude of private companies. Through his gained knowledge, he started Root 42 Harvests, a family-owned and operated hydroponic produce company with his wife Katie.

In August 2021, Emling has been awarded the highest certification, Certified Professional Horticulturalist (CPH), through the American Society for Horticulture Science (ASHS). As he joins the Nick Greens Grow Team, he is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with our readers and listeners. We all share the same belief that we can help improve the industry and develop the next generation of growers by sharing our gained knowledge.

Stay Up to Date with Future Growing News

We are so excited to have horticulture specialist, Jake Emling, join our team! Want to learn more about all of our ongoing events and community groups? Stay up to date and connect with us by listening to our Polygreens podcast to learn about controlled environment agriculture. Also, subscribe to our Facebook Microgreens Group to learn about growing microgreens from like-minded people and growers!

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