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The Technique Behind Watering Microgreens from the Bottom

When it comes to watering microgreens, there are various opinions saying it’s better to water from the bottom while others claim it’s best to water from the top. When it comes to watering microgreens, the main goal is to avoid any chances of mold growth. In this article, we’re going to discuss watering microgreens from the bottom so that you can apply the technique to your own crops.

What is the point of watering microgreens from the bottom?

Watering microgreens from the bottom is a technique adopted by farmers who sell microgreens to restaurants still in their seedling containers. This allows for microgreens to still grow upon and after delivery. When it comes to watering your microgreens from the bottom, remember to water your microgreens when the top of the soil feels dry. The size of your container can determine how many times a week you’ll need to water. For half-pint containers, you can expect to water your microgreens once a day, while full pint containers may need watering every other day.

How to water your microgreens from the bottom

Watering your microgreens from the bottom is a simple and easy process. We’ll break down the steps for you here:

Set Up A Pool of Water

  • It’s best to pour room-temperature filtered water into a bowl or a small tub until the water is half as deep as the microgreen container you have. Do not use cold water during this process since it can stunt the growth of the microgreens.

Put Your Microgreen Container In The Water

  • There should be holes at the bottom of your microgreen container, so when you place the container in the pool of water the soil will soak up the water. You should let the soil soak up the water for less than a minute or until the soil feels evenly moist. Once you can feel the moistened soil, remove the container from the water.

Empty Surplus Water

  • After removing the container from the water, you’ll want to place it somewhere where it can drain for a few minutes to remove any excess water. Remember tore fill water when needed especially if you’re working with more than four containers of microgreens. If you’re growing more than four types of microgreens,it’s best to use a large basin for this watering process since it will take less time rather than watering one container at a time.

Throw Out Leftover Water

  • At this point, you’ve successfully watered your microgreens from the bottom and you can toss out the pool of water. You may find leftover soil in this water, and if so, make sure you don’t allow it to go through the drain because it can cause clogging issues. Throw out the water outside or use a drain catcher to catch any soil remnants.

Watering microgreens from the bottom is another fantastic way to water and care for your plants. Our purpose at the Nick Greens Grow Team is to inform and educate our followers about the ease of growing your own food from home. Want to learn more about new and innovative farming methods? Subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel for weekly updates!

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