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Growing with A tank and B tank

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Are you ready to gain more control of your grow room and ditch pre-mixed nutrients? In a few easy steps, we will share with you the secret to mixing like a professional. We think nutrient mixing is one of the important techniques a grower can employ to maximize crop/plant efficiency. In our experience, it gave us more control when things went bad, and improved plant yield when everything was running smoothly. Try our techniques and let us know what you think

A few things to consider before mixing:

First, understand the PPE requirements to grow safely:

- Dust mask (R95 or P95)

- White polyethylene disposable apron

- Chemical resistance gloves

- Protective eye-wear/goggles

- (2) Tanks an A tank and B tank (55 gallons per tank)

Next consider the Macro vs Micro Nutrients Macro:


- Nitrogen

- Phosphorus

- Potassium

- Calcium

- Magnesium


- Iron

- Boron

- Copper

- Zinc

- Molybdenum

Pay attention to what kind of crop you are growing. There are 2 types:

-Vegetative Growth - Needs only 1 recipe in 1 stage throughout the whole process

- Reproductive Growth - Needs 3 different recipes for 3 different stages