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Supercharge your hydroponics setup

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

vortex brewer

Searching for better ways to spice up your hydroponics setup? Well have we got a secret for you. If you want to add something more to your hydroponics setup this is it. A vortex brewer will supercharge your setup and add more to what you already have. If you want to know some more about the positives a vortex brewer read below.

Why A Vortex Brewer?

The vortex brewer is a potent method of growing beneficial microbes. When added to the garden, these microbes act in synergy with growing plants.

At less than a 5 gallon volume, this is definitely not a commercial unit, but it makes the power of the vortex available to the home and hobby gardener. There are no water pumps used to accomplish the vortexial circulation in the Brewer; the movement of the water is accomplished entirely by the influx of air.

High volumes of air are pumped into the up-pipe creating a vacuum behind them as the bubbles float upwards. This action naturally pulls water from within the drum downward and back up into the up-pipe. This means that no compost tea bags ever need to be used. I settled on this design because it is affordable, easy to build, disassemble and clean. The Vortex Brewer uses the natural stimulation of the vortex rather than simple stone aeration to stimulate biological activity. The Vortex Brewer create living, organic compost tea, but it acts as an extractor, it will potentize fertilizer recipes, allow for perpetual brewing, and can stir Bio Energetic concoctions for anything from stimulating soil regeneration.



Compost teas, often shortened to just “tea,” are part of a new approach to plant nutrition and soil inoculation, where, rather than letting the microbial community develop by chance, growers deliberately inject preferred microbes and nutrients into their grow medium. As the name suggests, compost teas start with compost, which is an excellent source of nutrition for plants. However, the nutrition in compost is typically locked away inside large, complex organic molecules. Microbes inside compost break down the complex molecules into simpler molecules that plants can easily absorb.

Compost teas take plant nutrition a step further by nurturing microbial growth, improving the effectiveness of traditional compost. When compost teas are “brewed,” microbes are cultured in warm water with plenty of air: ideal conditions for growth and propagation. These microbes form symbioses with the plants, making them more vigorous, healthy, and resilient to stress, resulting in bigger, better yields.


The Benefits Of Compost Tea

Better plant growth in the form of better tasting vegetables, bigger blossoms and greener leaves.

A boost of beneficial organisms that enhance the immune system of plants.

Plenty of nutrients for the plants that are easily absorbed straight through the plant roots.

Encourages the growth of root systems to help your plant pull nutrients from farther down.

Provides an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical composts that cause harm to native plants, insects, wildlife, and even humans.

A vortex brewer is an essential part of growing because it gives you a boost. Sometimes we need a little boost to help us grow better.

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