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Microgreens we love to grow

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


Do you know which Microgreens we love to grow? These are our favorite Microgreens but we’ll also be giving you some seeding procedures too! You won’t regret missing out on this! We promise.

Pea Shoots

Crunchy, juicy texture and the same yummy taste as fresh peas. Perfect for sandwiches and on pizza, rice, and soup dishes! Try your pea shoots at different times/stages while they’re growing – their flavor, texture and look is best when they’re about 3” tall. Here's the procedures on growing theses beautiful pea shoots yourself!

These large seed varieties are grown using a different methods than the other microgreens, So we will cover them first. The same technique is used for peas, can be used for sunflowers and any other large seed variety (such as popcorn seeds). Pea seed should be soaked prior to planting for 8 - 12 hrs. (soak seeds when you leave your farm at the end of the day)

Preparing the pea seed for planting:

  1. 10 oz of pea seeds per 10x20 black tray

  2. To soak the pea, a plastic food grade container works well (5 gallon bucket with paint strainer bag).

  3. Fill the container with enough water to rise above the seeds 2”. The seeds will swell as they absorb water, and you’ll want to make sure they stay below the water line and must remain covered.

  4. Allow seeds to soak over night. They are now ready to be spread on the microgreens pad.

pea shoots

Soaking The microgreens pad

The special microgreens pads are made of untreated all natural loose weave plant based materials. The grow trays are 10"x20", so 1 microgreens pad are laid end to end in the tray. This makes them easier to handle at harvest time when they must be removed from the tray with the crops attached. The microgreens pads usually come in a pack of 10 - 10"x20" and don't need to be cut. If you lay the pad in the tray dry, they would not lay flat, and the seeds would go rolling off the high spots and end up crowding up in the low areas. The microgreens pad would also have a hard time becoming evenly damp to begin with. Before placing the pads in the tray PRE-SOAK THEM in a 5 gallon bucket of vegan boost water for a few hours before seeding. This helps them lay flat in channels, which makes planting a lot easier and helps gives your seeds a germination boost.

  1. Fill the bucket with RO water or tap water.

  2. Place one tsp of vegan boost in bucket (mix properly).

  3. Fold and place the pads in bucket.

  4. Soak for 1 hr to 24 hrs. They are now ready to be used.

  5. Place the soaked pad into the tray.

  6. Smooth out the pad until it is completely flat.

  7. Evenly shake the seeds in each tray, one tray at a time, using a gentle shaking motion with a cup.

  8. Evenly spread seeds on the microgreens pad using your hands.

  9. Place tray in darkness for 48 hrs to 72 hrs till seedlings sprouts up 2".

  10. Place tray in sunlight or artificial grow lights