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4 Facts You Need to Know About Vertical Farming LED Lighting

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One of the main components that make vertical farming possible is the evolution of light emitting diodes (LEDs). As LEDs become more and more accessible and affordable, the futuristic idea of vertical farming becomes more realistic for cities all over the globe. In this article, we’re going to share four important facts regarding vertical farming led lighting and how these systems are important to the future of farming.

LEDs are the best lighting system for vertical farming

With their ability to be highly energy efficient, LEDs produce light at optimal power while being able to last a long time. These effective light solutions are able to last for nearly six years, which is quite longer than other lighting solutions. What makes LEDs perfect for vertical farming is that they’re able to be confined in tight spaces with vertical layered crops, and they don’t emit too much heat. Other lighting solutions such as HPS or MH lights will damage vertical farming systems because they release too much heat, which is harmful to the crops.

vertical farming with led lighting

LEDs are a cost-effective, energy saving solution

HPS lighting systems consume too much power in order to emit the same light levels as LEDs, which is why LED lighting systems are paving the way toward an affordable indoor growing environment. One of the significant benefits of using LED lights is that these advanced lighting systems do not consume as much power, which leads to reduced energy costs and higher productivity.

They use a visible spectrum to match the plant’s grow cycle

The innovative uses behind vertical farming LED lighting is that these systems use wavelengths on a visible spectrum to promote plant growth. When you see those pink colored lighting systems, this means that the LED lighting system is using a miniscule wavelength between the red and blue spectra to produce the pink glow. Plants depend on blue lightwaves to enhance the leaf’s color and prevent stretching, and the red light waves optimize photosynthesis. LED lights are able to emit the wavelengths needed to grow healthy, bountiful plants by mimicking their required natural environment.

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LEDs are sustainable solutions to growing foods

Farmers are learning to work with LED lights because of their sustainable, efficient solutions. These vertical farming LED lighting systems are able to provide controlled lighting all-year round, which allows for optimal plant growth. Also, by having a controlled indoor LED lighting environment, crops are saved from yearly harsh environmental conditions such as flooding, drought, hurricanes, and more. By being able to mimic sunlight, LEDs are a cost-effective solution to growing sustainable and healthy foods all year round indoors.

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