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A New Agriculture Podcast That You Have To Listen To

For this week’s article, we’re going to cover Polygreens, a new agriculture podcast hosted by Nick Greens and Joe Swartz. This podcast aims to combat the misleading information about controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) by providing listeners with facts and information about the subject. If you’re interested in learning more about topics like urban farming, greenhouse growing, etc., then this is the agriculture podcast for you!

What is Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA)?

Controlled-environment agriculture is a technologically advanced method of growing plants in controlled environments. Some examples of CEA growing methods include greenhouse growing, hydroponically grown plants, vertical farming, aeroponics, aquaponics, etc. The purpose of CEA is to ensure optimal food growing conditions despite environmental factors such as pests, weather conditions, etc. CEAs allow farmers to optimally grow plants and foods year-round in controlled environments. The Polygreens podcast aims to tackle each of these topics to help listeners understand what’s correct about these farming techniques and technologies and what isn’t.

Who are the hosts of the Polygreens Podcast?

There are two hosts for the agriculture podcast: Nick Greens and Joe Swartz. We’re going to cover each of their biographies so you can better understand how they can help you effectively learn about controlled-environment agriculture.

  • Nick Greens aims to expand the vertical farming industry by helping agriculture entrepreneurs manage their businesses better, avoid common mistakes, and improve crop yields based on what Nick and his team have observed and developed over the past fifteen years. Even though Nick is growing food on a bigger scale, his expertise enables him to provide useful tips for the webinar attendees who would like to know more about how the hydroponics method works and how to do it right - whether you are doing it on a small scale or a bigger scale.

  • Joe Swartz is the Vice President/Lead Horticulturist at American Hydroponics where he has developed the top productive hydroponic growing systems. For over 35 years, Swartz has been a successful commercial hydroponic vegetable and herb grower and is an expert in all levels of crop production, system design, set up, crop scheduling, workforce training, and specialty produce marketing. He provided successful consulting over growing systems to over 200 commercial farms in the U.S. alone while providing consulting in over 66 countries.

The Polygreens Agriculture Podcast

The new agriculture podcast hosted by Nick Greens and Joe Swartz brings agriculture and technology together in each episode. If you’re hoping to gain more knowledge on controlled-environment agriculture, then this is the podcast for you. If you want to learn more, you can also subscribe to the Nickgreens blog for weekly updates and news, or check out the Nickgreens YouTube channel for information covering how to grow microgreens from home!

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