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8 Beneficial Greenhouse Growing Tips You Need to Know

Updated: Jul 28, 2020


When it comes to greenhouse growing, there are various methods to grow your own foods. This article will cover the basics needed to understand how to successfully raise plants in a greenhouse. To successfully grow your own food, follow these greenhouse growing tips to ensure your ultimate success.

Select and Study Your Plants

One of the best methods you can use for yourself and your greenhouse garden is to study the plant beforehand. The following greenhouse growing tips will explain what to consider when choosing your plants:

  1. Choose Easy-to-Grow Seeds - First, it’s best to choose seeds over seedlings or cuttings from other gardens. This is because you’ll have less of a chance of attracting insects and pests. We recommend to plant more seeds than you’ll need because not every seed will germinate and grow into a plant. If this is your first time raising crops in the greenhouse, choose seeds that are easy to grow such as lettuce and basil plants. Or, you can choose your seeds based on the season; some plants grow better in the winter while others grow better in the summer.

  2. Select the Right Substrate - To promote healthy plant growth, you’ll need to select a high-quality soil for your seeds. You can add in sand for drainage purposes, clay for retaining moisture, and compost materials for providing nutrients. Do the necessary research to learn about each plant’s specific needs to see which soil additions would help their ultimate growth.

  3. Space Them Apart - Remember to have enough space between each plant. If they’re too close together, you risk the chance of stunting their growth since they’ll compete for space and light resources. This leads to a smaller harvest.

Set Up Greenhouse to Fit Plant’s Needs

Once you know which plants you’ll be growing, you’ll need to make sure your greenhouse is ready. Follow these greenhouse growing tips to see how to set up your greenhouse for success:

  1. Location - You’ll want to place your greenhouse in a position where it receives lots of natural sunlight. Sunlight will optimize plant growth. If you’re in an area where your greenhouse can’t receive a lot of sunlight, consider installing light sources for support. LED grow lights are popular for greenhouse growing systems because they’re energy-efficient and can cover large areas.

  2. Maintain Temperature - Keeping a consistent temperature within your greenhouse is of the utmost importance. To do this, you’ll need a thermometer to help tell you what’s needed to keep a consistent temperature. During the winter months, you may need to purchase a heater, and during the summer, you may need evaporative air coolers because they still retain humidity. You can also purchase fans to help with air ventilation. Having a consistent temperature is one of the most important factors in growing healthy plants.

Taking Care of Your Plants

Now that your greenhouse is set up and you’ve chosen your seeds, you’ll need to take care of your plants to promote growth. These greenhouse growing tips will layout the practices you should adopt to take care of your plants:

  1. Consistently Water Them - Overwatering and underwatering your plants can lead to their demise. Make sure to water your plants at the right time based on their specific needs.

  2. Keep Greenhouse Clean - Maintain a clean greenhouse to prevent mold and mildew. An organized, clean greenhouse will keep your plants safe from pests or disease.

  3. Pest Control - Just because your plants are inside a greenhouse doesn’t mean they’re safe from pests. Do necessary pest control to prevent your plants from becoming a target.

These greenhouse growing tips are perfect for beginners who want to start harvesting their own food. We at the Nick Greens Grow Team know how important it is to learn at-home farming skills. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about growing microgreens and other valuable farming information!

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